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Fusion 360 for Manufacturing CLOUD Commercial New

Fusion 360 for Manufacturing CLOUD Commercial New


  • Cloud CAD: Create, edit and view 3D models with parametric, freeform and mesh modeling tools
  • Cloud CAM: Program CNC machines with simplified controls and toolpaths for 2D up to 5-axis milling
  • Cloud CAE: Perform stress analysis, thermal analysis, motion studies and more with cloud-based simulation tools
  • Cloud PCB: Design printed circuit boards with schematic capture, layout editor and routing tools
  • Generative design: Explore and optimize designs for specific materials and manufacturing techniques with cloud computing
  • Collaboration: Share data, manage projects and work together across teams and devices with cloud-based collaboration tools


Autodesk Fusion 360 for Manufacturing CLOUD Commercial New is a cloud-based software platform for professional product design and manufacturing. It includes a full suite of CAM tools and toolpaths to support many processes such as milling, turning, cutting and additive manufacturing. It also offers generative design technologies, advanced simulation, 5-axis CAM and PCB design tools.


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