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PowerShape: Modelling for manufacture software for moulds, tools, electrodes and more

What is Moldflow?

Moldflow® simulation software lets you troubleshoot problems with plastic injection and compression moulding. Advanced tools and a simplified user interface help you to address manufacturing challenges, such as part warpage, cooling channel efficiency and cycle time reduction.

Why use Moldflow?

Plastic Injection Moulding Features

Moldflow® software helps reduce manufacturing defects through plastic injection moulding simulation. Access tools for injection mould design, plastic part design and mould processing.

Runner balancing

Runner balance analysis guides users in sizing multi-cavity runners for even pressure and fill time

Mould cooling circuits

Automate cooling channel creation with a wizard, import from CAD curves or manually draw circuits.

What you can do with Moldflow

Optimize part, mold, and process to reduce delays

Connect product design teams, minimizing delays and rework costs.
  • Autodesk Drive and Shared View enable content collaboration.
  • In-product Fusion 360 push for quick geometry changes.
  • Automation tools reduce setup and post-processing.

Expand solver flexibility to improve capacity

Minimize solver hardware limitations by using Moldflow Insight.

  • Mesh and solve Insight jobs with local, remote, and secured cloud server options.
  • Run multiple simulations concurrently with remote server and cloud solving.